Synchronizing Audio Files

Realtime Transcription 04/29/10

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Welcome to Transendia. Making online audio files searchable and accessible is something that is often overlooked. The Transendia player handles audio content the same way it handles video content. We accurately transcribe the files and synchronize that text to the audio. How is this to your advantage? Here are a couple of examples: Many radio stations, for example, record interviews of guests or talk shows that they post on the internet. By making these recordings searchable, they are able to drive traffic to their site based on the content, thereby expanding their audience. A larger audience attracts more sponsorship and revenue. Colleges and universities offer a growing number of their courses online. As part of an online course, many professors will require the student to listen to a recording of a lecture or a speech. A multi-sensory educational approach is beneficial for comprehension and positive learning results for all students, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Speaking of disabilities, captioning audio files makes them accessible to students with hearing loss or deafness. Making audio searchable and accessible worldwide has become every bit as important as making video searchable and accessible worldwide.
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This demo is a sample of an audio only file that is synchronized to a visualization with logo.